A Seat at the Dinner Table

Wasn’t that a great album? Anyway you think that being served free and good food would be more than enough reason to rejoice while starting a new life for the next four months. Well like most fairy tales *looks out for impressionable young believers* they’re not always what they seem. My host family thus far are truly remarkable people and it’s an honor and privilege to be a temporary member of the household. I truly aspire for it to be a lifelong bond that I forge and maintain with each and every single one of them long after my semester comes to an end in Denmark. While for all intents and purposes I most certainly was a welcomed guest I was too preoccupied with my seat back home in New York City calling out to me. Home is where the heart is right? By that train of thought; I’m heartless because my heart is still presiding in the big apple while my body is wondering in Europe. That was nearly two weeks ago.

In that growing pains period I was faced with two decisions. I could be so preoccupied with what my American life could’ve been doing which would adversely affected the chances of me enjoying this very pivotal time in my life overseas. Or I can acknowledge that those who love me back home, will welcome me with opened arms, once I return in May. I had to live my life for me and stop being plagued with the endless hypothetical that life is notorious for having. Around the third night at my home stay I gradually made my decision before I even realized it. I stopped reverting back to my five old shy self and reminded myself of the charismatic and wonderful young man I’ve become over the years.

I stopped stopping myself. Think about what the means for you personally. Stop stopping yourself.

I didn’t think I was foolish enough to start an international incident but stranger things have happened in the world. So with my notorious smile I said more than five words and asked for seconds and then thirds at the dinner table. The dinner table conversation with my host family was a present reminder that any place can become a home if I have the heart to do so!

Here’s to welcomed uncertainty towards the future served with confidence and optimism. It’s good for the soul. Everyone ought to have a plate!

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