About Last Night

I had an incredible time last night. You won’t believe what I did! Guess! Come on, don’t be a stick in the mud! Ugh fine! I…. danced!!?! I danced the night away! You’re probably thinking…

Yeah so what’s the big deal…

The thing is that I danced. If you know me that’s a big freaking deal because I’m very self-conscious about dancing. My friend and I went to this new hangout spot that a lot of the locals have been raving about. Also I highly encourage you to make friends with people who are in your age group in whatever new county you’re in. You will not regret it!

Well we exchanged some banter about Danish and New Yorker slang and why it totally makes sense if you just give it a shoot. The next thing I know my shoulders start moving to the beat and I got this silly grin on my face. Afterwards we’re dancing the night away and we’re having a blast!

I was just thankful to enjoy the present with an incredible friend who wants to show me all that Copenhagen has to offer. Seven billion people has a different perspective about how the day went and that’s incredible. There’s so many perspectives about how and why the world works the way that it does.

I’m gonna keep dancing because I love it. It’s not about being the baddest cat on the floor or being up to date about the latest dance moves. I’m there for myself first and foremost. If only my loved ones could’ve seen me they wouldn’t have believed it!!

That random picture I posted is the beautiful backdrop that we crossed over a bridge after we went to grab some grub after tearing it up on the dance floor. My friend was telling me that it’s a super popular spot to go during the warmer weather and bump some tunes with your friends.

I’m thankful for the person that I’m becoming. It’s the small and gradual improvement and changes that are greatly appreciated.

I’m blooming once again and it’s incredible.

Peace, love, and happiness as always. Ignite hope, wherever you go in the world!

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