Everything Sucks! Is Awesome!

That title is a little misleading ain’t it? So double blog in one day what’s going on here?! So my Friday consisted of living the best of my 20s by staying home and watching Netflix. I unfortunately ran out of episodes of Black Lightening (Highly Recommend) to watch so I surfed the Flixweb(should get that patent…) and stumbled upon 1996.

Nah I didn’t time travel which could’ve been detrimental to the present time line. Plus if you’re born in 1996 you’re kinda of a senior (citizen) in my opinion, s/o to class of 2018! Anyway started watching this joint called Everything Sucks!

Bruh… I’m hook! It’s so sweet, endearing, coming of age, to all of that cringeworthy stresses inducing early adolescence we all fondly remember!

One of the main characters ,Luke, reminds me a lot of myself when I was his age. Oh my God… I’m getting old, why did I say that! Mid-mid-life crisis averted shrug it off playa! Luke is a hopeless romantic who’s just trying to understand the world around him by being unapologetically himself! It just really touched me because that representation for black boys to express themselves is very important and necessary. #blackboyjoy. It just made me wishfully thinking that I wish I had more of those representations growing up as a kid.

Now that I’m older I’ll adapt to the mantle of being a representative for generations to come. If you ask me or anyone that truly knows me, I’m doing a pretty damn good job. If not me than who? If not now, then when? Those thoughts are always permeating in my mind everyday because the reality of the situation is that I wouldn’t be here if my predecessors didn’t set a foundation for me to walk upon and contribute to.

For all of those who came before me.

Thank you.

For all of those who shall succeed me.

It’s my pleasure.

Well I wrote this post because I’m really homesick and I’ve been neglecting Netflix. It’s really been my saving grace because it reminds me that I can have the time of my life within the confines of my homestay! I don’t always have to be on the run or pushing myself to the limit every single moment. That’s not fun, I have a new found sense of appreciation for doing nothing when the opportunity presents itself.

Like my playa from the Himalayas Luke has told me: If you truly want something or someone; be your honest and truest self. Put yourself out there willing not knowing the outcome of what will happen. It takes strength to be vulnerable, it truly does. Do good and be good. If you honestly do your best what else can anyone ask of you?

I’m gonna do my best. I’m going to live and love MY LIFE with no regrets.

Did I make myself _______ clear?

Check it out, Everything Sucks a Netflix original.

As my Danish friends would say.

Go Weekend!

Thanks for reading! Stay warm and safe out there, it’s brick!

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