Goodbye Berlin!

Life is really interesting and unpredictable. My main impression of Germany was my lovable and influential AP Global History teacher, Mr.Vogel, back in high school. He didn’t really go into great depth about his home country while I was one of his many students. It’s fascinating to think about where people who have play an influential part in our lives hail from. How exactly has their culture and era shaped and influenced them to be the people we know them as today. It’s always a question on my mind when I think about all the people I have and shall meet throughout the course of my life.

Berlin reminded me a lot of time square back in NYC. The place screamed tourist trapped with all there is to do here. People of many different heritages walked the busy streets of Berlin all here for different purposes.

My classes primary purpose here and by extension mine was to attain a better insight into how the steel and diesel industries remained alive and well here in Germany. I’ve attained a better appreciation of different industries because of the sheer complexities required to keep them afloat.

As this world continues to become more globalized, every region of the world is becoming more dependent on one another.

It is my belief that globalization is linear and singular. There is no going back. It is in our mutual best interest to attain a better and intimate understand and respect of how different people live their lives. It’s vital in a world that faces many challenges in the immediate and distant future going forward.

Check this out.

That was yesterday(depending on where you’re reading this post from) at the BMW group motorcycle headquarters. I’ve never touched a motorcycle before but I imagined myself riding off to parts unknown and just exploring the world. I look pretty damn good on the motorcycle too in my humble opinion.

I live an amazing life. I really don’t acknowledge and appreciate that a lot because I constantly have this sense of responsibility to do better and be better. It’s gotten me far but at times can be exhausting.

I do my best more times than not. I can’t demand anything more than that. I’m learning that more everyday and it’s making a big difference in how I see the world but more importantly myself.

I recalled asking the self-proclaimed (The Ghana Boy; we all know who the real Ghana Boy is) “how do you do it. You’re just excelling in everything you put your mind to. I want to do that too.”

He looked at me with an honest and earnest expression written on his face “Well, I take it one day at a time. I can’t truly worry about tomorrow until today’s affairs are finished. God willing tomorrow will be a wonderful day just like today.”

I didn’t fully understand what he meant since I was freshman in college and I still had to be put on to the whole college life. Soon to be entering my senior year (bruh…) he couldn’t have been more right.

Honestly I have no idea what I’m doing nor going most of the time on my journey throughout life. I think I’m in the drivers seat 24/7 but honestly somedays I just learn to take a step back and enjoy the ride. I don’t know where life is taking me exactly and that’s okay.

Next stop on this four hour train ride from Berlin.


Until next time!

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