(Am I the only person who has never seen a single episode of that show?) When you’re all you got in certain situations that’s when you really find out how much you’ve grown.This is a story about how I’ve gotten lost twice in two different countries and unbeknownst to me at the time, accidentally poisoned myself for three days. Last week was one hell of a week to say the very least. I’m glad it all happen.

First let’s talk about the sickness slash poisoning. I woke up from an afternoon nap in Berlin in the hostel that I was sharing with for other people and my head was spinning. It was as if my mind was five seconds behind any action that my body did. The world was spinning and I wanted to puke any moment to halt the pain. So I thought back about what I’ve possibly could’ve done to be in such a terrible condition while away from my host country.

Perhaps I wasn’t drinking enough water. I promise I can most likely out drink anyone reading this most likely. I’m a waterholic… I admit it.

So I tried doubling up on my water intake because that’s very difficult to do when you’re in a new country believe it or not.

Nope still felt like garbage the next two days.

I had to sit out on a meeting in Prague because there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that I would’ve passed out in my current state.

So I’m bedridden, very frustrated that I’m sick and I’m missing out on checking out more of Prague and being with some of my classmates. Something possessed me to look at the ‘lotion’ that I purchased a couple of days ago in Denmark in order to combat my eternal enemy, ashiness.

The damn lotion was actually body wash that eerily looked like lotion.

Conclusion: applying body wash for four consecutive days like it’s lotion will leave you in a terrible state of body and mind. That was one of the most terrible experiences I’ve ever had being sick.

I’m glad it happened.

No I’m not a masochist!

I was faced with an unknown difficulty while away from the comforts of my home. No one knew what was happening better than I did. I was pushed into an unfamiliar situation and I came out victorious. I’m proud of me.

Moral of this story, READ READ READ, the very small print on body products because you don’t want to be like Andru. Be post ordeal Andru. Not pre ordeal Andru. It’s strange referring to myself in third person three times over. Well guess I’m a strange person (shrugs).


1st time being lost: got lost in Prague after deciding not to get my 2nd ear pierced four years later after my first piercing. Plan was to get McDonald’s and head back to our hotel. Half of that worked out. Long story short my gps crapped out on me and I had to maneuver through a deserted construction site to eventually get back home an hour later. Saw some interesting things while lost in Prague.

The thing is that it sucks. I don’t like being lost especially in a new country. A sense of dread takes a hold of me that I’ll never make it back and it also stems that I don’t travel alone often to new places. It’s a fear that I’m gradually getting over but I have a long way to go.

Change doesn’t come over night.

2nd time getting lost: the train I use to get home loves to be out of service whenever I come back from the airport or a late night out. I’m experiencing sleep deprivation, fatigue from traveling, and I just miss my dang bed! I’m on a bus that’s suppose to take me home after 30 (yup 30) stops and my phone dies on the 10th stop. See that’s a red flag because when my phone dies that’s what I consider being between a rock and a hard place big time.

What did I do?

Well first off you were right. I don’t like improvising in unfavorable situations with unknown outcomes. It makes me uncomfortable and apprehensive. I’m use to knowing what to say and what to do because for the most part I like to have all my bases covered. Well life has other plans in mind and I’m growing to appreciate it.

So I put my fear aside and spoke with the bus driver. I asked him if he knew how to get me near(this isn’t door to door service) my train stop. He helped me charge my phone which got back to 2% over the course of our conversation.

That man was the nicest bus driver I’ve ever met in my life. Turns out he’s my brother. (His words not mine). He wished me the best of luck in my unknown journey home after giving me the best directions he could given the circumstances.


I’ve never been so happy to see a deserted and cold park before in my life. After I saw this familiar route and landed on my ass twice (damn black ice) I made it home after my long study tour week.

I grew a lot because of this experience. I had to sit in the back of the car and cooperate. That’s not easy for me to do in situations like this.

I overcame a fear three times. That’s an incredible victory.

I had to get lost, in order to find myself.

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