Exhaustion and Patience. Pt.1

On this weekly installment of the adventures of Andru abroad. We’ll be looking at burnout and patience from within!

I’ve been out of the states for a little over two months now and it’s staggering to think that I’ll be home before I know it. Today I had three field studies for three different classes which is abnormal and abuse (tongue in cheek). First stop was at Novo Nordisk which was actually a train stop away from my house so I didn’t have to sprint to catch a train into the city just to comeback almost close to home but that’s beside the point. Company was really fascinating to get greater insight into and seems like a swell place to work. Makes me want to give lobbyist a piece of my mind concerning the big pharmaceutical industry back in the states and prioritizing profit over lives (yeah shots fired.) That ran from about 09:30-12:00.

Interestingly enough my next field study was in my public health ethics course and which we watched a documentary on the pharmaceutical industry in the states. Made my blood boiled even more. Highlight was seeing my sister after her trip in Tanzania was over! Always a good time when she’s around!

Afterwards the adventure isn’t over because I had to attend a panel about LGBTQIA+ communities of color in Copenhagen and the importance of intersectionality (Yes, it’s extremely important more now than ever. I beseech all of us always have more to learn).

So the day ran from 07:00-20:00 basically. What am I doing now?

Blogging on my train ride home.

Moral of the story.

I’m fucking exhausted and fatigued has become a well known companion of mine over these last few weeks.

The honeymoon phase of being overseas has worn off and the summer, plus my senior year responsibilities are creeping up on me ready to put me in a full Nelson and never let go.

I jest but barely…

Well the thing is I’m content.

I’m satisfied because I’m accepting the present for what it is.

I live a phenomenal life with amazing and extraordinary people who I cherish and respect immensely.

Can things be better? Well yeah but that’s relative and all but things most certainly could be worse. I’m not neglecting problems I have but I’m acknowledging what’s going right instead of

What’s wrong, all the time.

Who would’ve thought that not constantly fighting against things beyond my control will give me a sense of inner peace and growth?

Oh wait! Basically everyone who loves and care about me did! Sorry about that but some lessons take longer to learn than others!

I’m enjoying being able to be comfortable with letting things just run its course. Do old habits die hard? Absolutely.

For my sake most importantly I’m embracing the true virtue of patience and contentment.

Am I sleep deprived and need an extended vacation away from responsibility?

Absolutely. Who isn’t though?

I’m actually going to make this a two parter blog post. Just thought of that now and I find it necessary.

To be continued.

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