Take it Easy.

My far(dad) tells me this all the time. Funny coming from a man who seems to have endless energy. He’s said it to me so much that it comes to mind whenever I worry myself too much. He’s right.

Take it easy.

I’ve been told this for years but I would stubbornly tell my loved ones that I can take it easy once I accomplish my goals and take care of everyone. About that…

I’m not a superhero nor am I invincible. That would be cool but I’m just one person just like everyone else.

The funny thing that everyone knew that already it was just this stubborn guy that didn’t realize it.

I learned something about me.

I love being lazy. Like I relish in it like a long lost art. Sometimes it’s scary how relaxed I can get but I remember what my counselor said

“In life you’re always gonna have to do laundry. No matter how many times you do it eventually theres gonna be a need to do it again.”

There’s always gonna be something to do that’s just life. That doesn’t mean I can’t chill out every once in a while right?

I’m not gonna burn myself out because of an insatiable need to always be on the go.

I’m done feeling and acting like that.

I just wanted to say to all of you. Thank you for reminding me to take it easy over and over again.

I got it!

Ignite Hope!

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