When in Denmark…


Wouldn’t be surprise if that starts trending. So I was doing some soul searching the other day concerning achievement and failure. Here’s what I reminded myself of…

“Life starts with an L. We’re bound to take our fair share of them throughout the course of our lives.” -Ya boy Andru

That’s just life. I have an interesting attitude towards destiny and free will that I’ll talk about with certain people again because perhaps it’s changing again.

Anyway, an L isn’t a bad thing. Think of an L as a lesson. Okay things didn’t go the way I intended to but I got the rest of my life to use this as a stepping stone to that W!

Now coming from me I could say that I don’t mind failing when it comes to certain things. For the circumstances that I don’t like receiving an L in I’m getting better at gauging my reaction and how I can best learn from it going forward. It’s a work in progress but to be fair what isn’t?

So let’s talk about three longstanding Ls in my life that I attain a greater appreciation from them.

#1: Swimming and Trust

That’s my little bro’s cute finger on the camera! As you can see I’m clearly very enthusiastic to go swimming.

Nah fam, I’m not.

We actually went winter bathing. Ya see I have an ongoing strife with the Nordic wind.It’s an unforgiving omnipresent being that indiscriminately attacks any mortal not taking refuge within the confines of their homes.

Okay so I, who questioned why anyone would want to tempt the NW(Nordic winds) by going winter bathing, was provoked(encouraged) by far to give it try. Apparently it’s very healthy and refreshing.

I hated the moment my body kissed the water. It was brick. After that it was amazing! I still don’t know how to swim but I will. I’m gonna conquer it. If I can survive winter bathing I can learn to swim! Seems like an amazing thing to do!

#2: Make me Like Bikes(haha get it 😏)

Flash back to 16 years ago when I was first being instructed to ride a bike. Didn’t agree with my instructors teaching methods so I ran home and told his wife on him. Take that dad!

So it took me 21 years to finally ride a bike. Am I Tony Hawk on a bike, nah not yet. How did I get here, well….

Nah I’m just kidding! There’s no way I would operate this if I can’t even ride a freaking human power bike yet. Did I feel pretty damn suave and sexy during this photo op? Ya damn skippy I did!

I had to get over my fear. I don’t like the idea of falling. My mind panics whenever my center of gravity is threatened. So what did I do?

I busted my ass.

A lot.

The end result. Well some bruises and a near death experience for my family jewels: I learned how to ride a bike. My kid brother and far were amazing instructors.

Riding a bike is so liberating. I wish I would’ve learned back when I was five man for real for real.

I said in my mind ‘I’m going to ride this bike on this first attempt of this new day.’

And I did!

At that moment I really felt and feel like I could do anything. I don’t know about anyone else but learning to ride a bike at 21 years old is a big freaking deal to me! I did something that I thought I couldn’t do.

I’m glad that I didn’t give up on myself!

#3: “Run and Run Some More!”

So I’m still recovering from an injury to my knees from last summer. So what does that mean? I can’t get back to my peak physical running condition. Let me tell you.

I hated that for months. Running is huge for me. Not being able to give it my all hurt me for a long time.

Well I dealt with it. I accepted that I can’t run like I use to it until I’m fully recovered.

So I go on long distance runs now. I don’t really care about time as much as I use to but more so the distance itself. My distance is increasing significantly in the same amount of time.

The goal is to be marathon ready by 2020. We’ll see how that goes! Regardless of the outcome I’m going to get a lot stronger and wiser because of it!

I’m very thankful that I’ve made significant process in regards to these three Ls in my life!

Lessons also begins with an L!

I’m embracing the person that I’m becoming!

I hope you feel the same way about your personal life journey!


Go Winter Bathing

-Learn to ride a bike at age 21

-Run your heart out!

Enjoy your weekend and have a splendid week my friend!

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