My relationship with Patience

Have you ever been the blogger who gets inspiration from another blogger’s blog post? Well I most certainly have.

This piece of dedicated to an exceptional blogger: Oladoyin Phillips who is in charge of Voices on a Path.

I would highly recommend that you browse some of her blogs, they’re really insightful and well written.

She mentions this take on patience.

“I have only just recently realised that the state of being patient is the exact opposite of inactivity. In fact, that is when one needs to be the most active. Essentially, ‘patience’ can be substituted with the word ‘preparation’.”

For a while I use to think being patience was in fact being passive or the art of doing nothing. I just had to idly sit by and twiddle my thumbs.

I’m so happy that I was terribly wrong.

Patience is one of the greatest tools we can use in all situations. If I’m preparing myself for a situation by investing my energy and effort in a productive and positive way that is the brilliance of patience. It gives me the opportunity to focus on myself and better myself until the time is right for the opportunity to meet me.

I would get anxious about patience from time to time because I mistaken it as being inactive and not being able to do my best all the time. No, it’s the exact opposite. I’m working on other things while not mentally and emotionally exhausting myself on one thing.

It took me a longtime to learn some of these precious lessons but I will continue to grow and become better!

There’s always something more to learn. Life keeps things interesting that way!

I hope whatever point you’re at in your life that it shows a lot of great promise and you have people that love and support you.

As always: Peace, love, and happiness!

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