The joys of Life

“I don’t want to be anywhere else.”

My heart and soul was at peace while experiencing the honor of sharing a space with such unique and vibrant souls.

For the first time in a LONG time I was genuinely looking forward to be an adult. There’s so much change happening in my life over the next year or so that frankly at times I was wallowing away in fear. My own fear and self-doubt.

These last couple of weeks have been phenomenal. I’ve come to love the man I see in the mirror. Everything about him.

It all started with a 21st birthday party for one of my close friends here in DIS. NM invited her friends and I to a get together at her host family home. I was designated host and had to greet and mingle with all the other guest!

I also channeled my inner house DJ for the night and it was a lituation to be honest! Book me yo, I’m a struggling soon to be senior and I need this paper!

These two are something else! Every time I’m with them it’s a great time and they help me get in touch with my Ghanaian heritage (while roasting me because apparently I’m trifling by affiliation lol). My home girls were the grand master chefs at the birthday party and bruhhh the food was bomb…. I’ll tell you God was really showing out when she created black women to be very honest.

So why the shift in perspective? Well it took me a while to learn certain lessons that provoked personal growth and reflection. I’ve finally pulled my head out of the clouds and learned to enjoy the present while embracing the ambiguity that is the future. I don’t want to simply exist and check off a list of accomplishments.

That’s dull AF.

I’m going to cherish these moments and fully be involved and invested in them.

Vibing while listening to Craig David at a birthday party for a remarkable friend and new incredible people it doesn’t get better any better than that.

I’m honestly looking forward to this whole adult gig. I got this. We got this.

All it took for me was to loosen up some and just enjoy where I’m currently at in life.

*All we closest family and friends sigh with relief and exasperation that I finally get it*.

In the words of Chance the Rapper on Cardi B’s hit album Invasion of Privacy.

*I’m living my best life!*

Turned all my Ls into lessonsssss.

May peace, self-love, and happiness always be with you!

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