So what’s next?

Not really sure if I’m being honest with myself. I had an emotional goodbye with my family earlier today/yesterday (dang time zones!) and a lot of memories started to surge from within.

In retrospect four months isn’t that much of a long time yet the moments contained with them last a lifetime.

This strength from within is manifesting in different ways. My resolve to live my life unapologetically and sincerely is at an all time high.

I have six days to cherish the time I have left with my friends who are graduating and honestly I don’t know what to expect. I really don’t.

They’ve changed and I most certainly have. I can’t even fathom what that means going forward.

I’m gonna spend the next months to years unpacking everything that I’ve been through in Denmark.

Also I’m embarking on a newer journey in less than a month so ya boy is gonna be pretty damn busy for a the next year or so.

This whole ambiguity thing and letting the universe do its job.

I’m fine with that. I’m done forcing things that are beyond my control.

This life is too precious to have it squandered by what ifs.

I think I’ll keep blogging even though I’m not a DIS blogger anymore.

Who know’s what I’ll do.

I’m excited.

So I’ll see you when I see you.

Peace, love, and happiness as always.

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