I’ll see you later

My mind is all over the place. Today was a lot.

Had my first family bike/run trip today and it was incredible.

Played futbol with my brothers and got destroyed! It was wonderful!

I saw one of my greatest friends I’ve made here who invited me to her 21st birthday party! I was an outsider but I was welcomed with open arms.

I went to an exclusive club with said birthday friend and her friends!

We danced a lot and it was pretty ii!

Talked to my brother who’s graduating next week and I’m so damn stoked to see him again. I’ve missed you so much and I can’t wait to link up!

I’m just trying to process all of what’s happened over these four months.

I’m not the same. My fortitude has increased considerably from the beginning to now.

I’ve experienced very difficult hardships yet here I am.

I successfully studied abroad and triumphed.

I did that shit and I couldn’t be more proud of me.

Denmark, you’re not perfect but as time passed I’ve attained experiences that I wouldn’t had gotten otherwise. For that I am forever grateful.

Only I know how much this personal journey has impacted to me and I’ll use these lessons for the rest of my life.

To my wonderful and beautiful Danish family. Thank you so much for the love and hospitality that you’ve extended to me since I’ve come. I shall always love and cherish the bonds that I’ve forged with all of you.

My heart is heavy yet joyful. These tears streaming down my face are of happiness and sadness.

Know that whenever you all need anything that I will be here as you have been for me.

Thank you for all of joyous memories and life lessons.

This isn’t goodbye.

Peace, love, and happiness as always.

I’ll see you later 🙂

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